George Dalaras invited other musicians to "tease" his songs (VIDEO)

George Dalaras

While in recent days George Dalaras has been mentioned a lot because of some of his sharp statements about singers of the younger generation, he gives his own vote of confidence to artists by entrusting them with his precious songs.

The new album titled "Teasing Dalara" is a fascinating musical experiment, which proves not only the performer's faith in the talent of other musicians but also that good songs can be rendered in different sound ways without losing their basic core.

See the video:

Both the performer himself and other artists "tease" some of his most beloved songs, respectfully, into new musical paths which, however, do not alienate them from the artistic principles that govern them.

Among them are the songs "Somewhere Night Is Falling", "A stranger to You and an Enemy", "What Passion", "In Magical Islands", "I Don't Want You to Come Again", "Don't Come Back Anymore", "What did you do to leave me," but also the relatively recent "San to Keri" which have been arranged by Nikos Bitzenis of "Mikros", Christos Dantes and Alexandros Karoza.

At the same time, George Dalaras has experimented with the traditional Chios song "Petroperdika".

The orchestrations are ruled by freshness; they move in modern, ethnic, acoustic, and beat paths, and there are many musical experimentations when listening to the new performances. Nevertheless, the basic point of the songs, their essence, the feeling that permeates them, have not been disturbed; they are there, loud and clear.

"Songs, when written and sung, leave their homes and go their own way. I lived with songs since I was a child. With the ones I sang for the first time but also with the others that I loved as my own. And the ones that I loved, as you know, I 'teased' them from a young age. Well, now it's my turn!" noted George Dalaras

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