Students in Athens built houses for homeless cats (PHOTOS)

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We are in the middle of January and passing through the coldest days of winter.

And while we can protect ourselves by wearing thick clothes and staying indoors, cats are out on the streets, unable to avoid the cold, rain and snow.

This need was also recognised by the students of the 144th Primary School of Athens, who, in an attempt to help the stray animals, built houses to protect them from the cold.

Mr. Thanasis Gounaris, the principal of the 144th Primary School of Athens, told us about their initiative.

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The school students succeeded and built the houses with the help of Mr. Gounaris and the other teachers. Having first seen some videos on the internet and using their imagination and creativity they built the first houses.

However, this was not the first time. The first houses were built two years ago.4 40

The students had seen houses for the homeless cats in the neighbourhood, which volunteers had built. They wondered how they could help the animals themselves, so that's how this venture began.

The children and teachers put up four houses in the school's backyard, which were bought with donations. Then, they built houses and placed them in various places in the neighbourhood.

They used different materials, even old clothes and styrofoam, to manage to make the homes safe and for the kittens to stay inside without getting wet.

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Of course, the road is never paved with rose petals, and they faced difficulties after some destroyed some houses. As Mr Gounaris mentions, they were called all sorts of things for doing something like this, but fortunately, no one was deterred.

They continued construction and put up more houses, this time with a note on top explaining that they were the school's work.

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As Mr. Gounaris tells us, they never saw a damaged house again. In fact, there are many who set an example and placed other houses in the neighbourhood so that stray animals could be protected from the cold.

He tells us that two positives come out of this: one is that now the neighbours have accepted it, and the second is that the children have become closer and put aside any rivalry they may have had through cooperation.

The most important thing is that many people have become aware, and he hopes that more people will become aware.

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A quote he told us, and we couldn't agree more, is: "First you become an animal lover and then a philanthropist."

It is true that through the philosophies, the temperament and psyche of the children change since their approach to life and the environment also changes.

We hope that this act will find other imitators, not only in schools but also in the neighbourhoods. Strays really need us, and we consider it our duty to protect them.

Konstantina Malliou is a columnist for To Pet Mou.

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