"Agrypnia" for the first time at theatre Sygrou 33

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In February, a brand new space, with a special aesthetic, the theatre "Sygrou 33" opens its doors with a show that goes on stage for the first time. Antonis Kalogridis directs "Agrypnia" by Dimitris Dimitriadis, with the original title "Gifts of the Night".

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In a zero spacetime anything can happen. Where fantasy meets reality and life does not end with death...

A new religion, the unfulfilled love of two young people, a family in denial. A game of relationships, contrasts and power.

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Can a love at first sight scar you for life? Is society, religion and family ready to accept him? Even if it's people of the same sex? If only for once we could look into each other's eyes and see who they really are, if we could speak honestly and admit our truth, maybe the future wouldn't look so bleak...

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“I have not seen your world more ugly, dirtier, more pitiful. It has always been imperfect but today what I see is unbearable. The eyes of a God cannot bear his image. You will all pay dearly."

"Vigil" by Dimitris Dimitriadis directed by Antonis Kalogridis

Theater "Sygrou 33" Premiere in February 2024


Text: Dimitris Dimitriadis

Dramaturgical Analysis: Alexandros Mordoudak

Director: Antonis Kalogridis

Original music: Konstantinos Beta

Sets: Antonis Kalogridis, Vangelis Takos Costumes: Lena Katsanidou Motion

Editor: Nikoleta Grimekis

Video Art: Karolos Porphyris

Lighting: Katerina Maragoudaki, Antonis Kalogridis

Hair Styling: Giorgos Doudesis

Assistant director: Alexandra Tzouanaki

Photographer: Giorgos Kaplanidis

*The show is suitable for over 16 years old. Instagram: sygrou33 Facebook: Sygrou33

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