Rita Wilson: "I grew up in a Greek household, I am Orthodox Christian and I have roots in Epirus"

Rita Wilson: "I grew up in a Greek household, I am Orthodox Christian and I have roots in Epirus"

Rita Wilson is one of the most successful women in Hollywood, with Greek roots and the wife of the equally successful actor Tom Hanks.

The famous artist talks about her new album, Hollywood, her roots in Epirus and her faith while expressing her admiration for the solidarity of the Greeks with migrants.

Every creation of hers is a powerful tale that reveals her unique gift for storytelling, culminating in her latest album, "Halfway to Home", which was released last March.

Rita Wilson: Her biggest passion is singing

The unique and versatile Rita Wilson, actress, writer, and producer of major hits (such as the films "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Mamma Mia!"), last appeared on the big screen in the drama film "Gloria Bell" by Sebastián Lelio. Her biggest passion is singing,, and she has been dedicated to it for the past six years as a singer and songwriter.

Rita Wilson: Her roots are Greek

Margaret, as her real name is, may have been born in Los Angeles, but she has Greek roots. Her father, Halil Ibrahimov, was born in Xanthi, in the Pomak villages, and moved to the United States, where he decided to change his name to Alan Wilson in 1960, inspired by the street where they lived.

Her mother was born in a traditional Greek village, which today belongs to Albania. Rita grew up in a traditional Greek family, is a devoted member of the Orthodox Church and loves anything Greek.

Rita Wilson: She fell in love with the voice of Christos Mastoras

The occasion for our conversation was the collaboration with Christos Mastoras and the song "Let Me Be", which is released by Panik Records worldwide: "Panik Records suggested that I collaborate with Christos. When they sent me his music, I immediately fell in love with his voice. The fact that he also writes music means that he likes stories. He can really convey the emotions of a story."

What criteria do you now use to select an artistic collaboration?

For me, chemistry with a person plays a big role. Sometimes I write with people I haven't met, but from the first minute we start writing together, it seems like we fit together. That's how I felt when I met Christos Mastoras via Skype. He has amazing humour but also a darker and more complex side that he doesn't hide.

Rita Wilson: I'm an easy person and a perfectionist

Would you say that you are what we call an "easy person" both in your personal and professional life?

It depends on the situation. I think I'm an easy person, but I'm also a perfectionist, so I don't give up easily when I'm working on something. As for music, the story and the logic in a song must make sense, so I look for these elements and the corresponding feeling.

As for the film projects where I participate as a producer, I initially trusted my instinct to find the right team and implement my vision.

Rita Wilson: I am proud of Greece

"I am proud of Greece. It has incomparable natural beauty. The people are so warm and full of passion. I really admire what it has achieved despite the difficulties it has faced."

Translation of the additional questions and answers

What do you think of the current political situation in Greece?

Answer: I am concerned about the political situation in Greece, but I am also hopeful. I believe the Greek people are resilient and will find a way to overcome their challenges.

What advice would you give to young people who want to pursue a career in the arts?

Answer: My advice to young people who want to pursue a career in the arts is to follow their passion and never give up on their dreams. The arts are a powerful force for good in the world, and I encourage everyone to use their creativity to make a difference.

What is your next project?

Answer: I am working on my next album,

a collection of traditional Greek songs. I am also working on a new film project, which I am excited to announce soon.

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