The Renewal of Athens and Thessaloniki Bus Fleets: Progress in Supplying New Natural Gas Buses

BYD buses

The long-suffering tender for the supply of new buses to renew the aging fleet of the transport companies in Athens and Thessaloniki (OASA and OASTH) is progressing.

The Court of Auditors has approved the signing of the contract for the procurement of 100 CNG (natural gas) buses, which will be provided by Iveco, represented in Greece by the Kontellis group.

This means that the supply of the specific modular 18-meter natural gas buses is entering the final stages, and it is expected that the buses, which have been in circulation for decades, will be replaced in Athens soon.

Additionally, the contract for the supply of 200 natural gas-powered buses, 12 meters in length, undertaken by Industria Italiana Autobus, is currently under review by the Court of Auditors.

The Transport Ministry anticipates that the natural gas buses will arrive in Greece by 2024-2025, with some potentially arriving as early as June, according to sources.

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