ATHENS: Armed Iranian man barricaded himself and threatened to kill his children – How police arrested him

OPKE Crime Prevention and Suppression Teams police

The specially trained police officers managed to discreetly enter the apartment in the Greek capital, immobilise the perpetrator, and deliver the children to their mother

Two days ago, Crime Prevention and Suppression Teams (OPKE) police officers were called to Polygono for a serious episode of domestic violence.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when a man from Iran started beating his wife and children. The man then took the woman out of the house, grabbed a gun, barged into the room and started threatening to kill the children.

His wife even saw the gun without being able to tell if it was real or fake.

Specially trained OPKE police officers rushed to the scene and managed to discreetly enter the apartment, immobilise the perpetrator and deliver the children to their mother. The weapon was seized, and it turned out to be an air gun with metal pellets.

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According to police sources cited by Proto Thema, it was a difficult operation as the perpetrator's children were present and therefore, special handling was required so that they would not be in danger.

As stated by Mr Dimitris Mylonas, member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Police Officers of Athens and OPKE: "Every day, the news bulletin vindicates us, as there is not a day when arrests in difficult incidents by OPKE are not reported. We hope that this change of course for the police with an emphasis on policing and fighting crime will last and not only for a while like the previous times."

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