Konstantinos Argiros: Eurovision is an experience that has been on my mind for a long time

Konstantinos Argiros

"In other words, I would like to experience it at some point," said the singer

Konstantinos Argiros spoke, among other things, about the possibility of participating at some point in the Eurovision music contest.

In an interview with "Cosmoradio 95.1", the singer said: "Eurovision is an experience that has been playing in my mind for a long time. In other words, I would like to experience it at some point. On the other hand, however, you say, 'Now, should I enter such a process?'. Then I say, 'Yes, why not'."

See the relevant excerpt at 15:40 of the video:

At the same time, he added: "So if I felt really good about a song and I felt that with that song I feel safe, that at least I'm going to try to fight to get a good place, I might do it yes. I'm not negative, no. I just have to find the right song that I feel like I can fight with."

While the beloved singe later emphasised that it is among his goals to collaborate with Anna Vissi at some point.

"Because my career started with Anna, the moment we do this will mean something for both of us. Because you know, we are also a bit artistic and we don't see things so mathematically, we both have to feel it a little more emotionally for this connection to come so that this can be done and the connection between two artists is also a bit fateful when coming and when will the moment be. We will both feel it and whenever we feel it, it will be done."

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