Eurovision 2024: In which position will Greece appear in the second semi-final?

Eurovision 2024: In which position will Greece appear in the second semi-final?

Marina Satti will represent Greece in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Malmö, Sweden, from May 7 to 11.

On Tuesday, January 30, Greece's position in the second semi-final was announced on the ERTFLIX digital platform. The draw occurred after the handover from last year's host city, Liverpool, to Malmö.

Greece will perform in the first half of the second semi-final with Austria, Malta, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Albania, Denmark, Armenia, Israel, Estonia, Georgia, Norway, Netherlands, Latvia, San Marino and Belgium.

The producers of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest will determine the exact order of appearance, aiming to achieve the best television result.

Speaking to ERT and the show "Studio 4", the popular singer spoke about her participation in the competition, the public's reaction to the announcement of her name, and revealed that she was the first person to announce the important news to.

"I am not nervous, and I feel like I am doing what I do in my life anyway - I rehearse, I make music and songs," Marina Satti said.

Regarding the public's reactions, the singer said: "I am happy that Eurovision was assigned to me, and with all your support, of all of you, my collaborators, I feel that the things I wanted to achieve in my work as Marina are happening faster. I am definitely happier. My whole neighbourhood in Nea Smyrni is happy.

I feel like a national hero these days. I went out in the neighbourhood, and people I didn't even know knew me to congratulate me. My florist told me how nice I said in an interview. A woman in my neighbourhood stopped me, too. I needed to say this love for real. I feel that as the world experiences it, we are meeting with a common goal. Suddenly, all of this becomes ours; it is not mine as I may have felt it for so long."

In response to a question about the first person she learned about her participation in the competition, the singer replied: "I told my brother first. It didn't happen by chance that we were relatives; we loved each other very much from a young age, and he is the most beloved person in the world to me. He answered me: "Okay, let's do it."

As for how she imagines her appearance on the Eurovision stage, she noted: "I would like to create a project that is modern, represents my generation and the new Greece, beyond the stereotypes that Europeans have about us, but also relevant so that they can dance and identify with it."

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