Tsitsipas: I have sweated a lot so that Greeks could love tennis

Stefanos Tsitsipas

The Greek tennis player also commented on his fall in the ATP ranking, declaring himself ready for an immediate restart

Led by Stefanos Tsitsipas, the national team today enters the battle of qualifying for the Davis Cup major division qualifiers against Romania in the Ano Liosia indoor arena.

The leading Greek tennis player spoke exclusively to OPEN about whether he would compete in AEK's stadium and also about a project he is preparing for junior tennis players in Greece.

Tsitsipas also commented on his fall in the ATP ranking, stating that he is ready for an immediate restart; he set his next goal, which is none other than an Olympic medal, which he clearly prefers to a Grand Slam!

What he said in detail:

About the Davis Cup:

"It never occurred to me that I would play tennis on AEK's court. What's happening now is a lifelong dream for me; it's the team I supported from a young age; I've always had a great love for both basketball and football, so for this to come true means a lot to me"

The world that wants to see him:

"I am very happy about it. I have achieved it with my hard work, with my sweat, and I have gone through a lot so that this becomes the new reality in our country."

About the project he is preparing:

"For the last few months, I have been preparing a project to upgrade tennis in Greece. It has to do with the junior players of our country, with the kids who are trying at professional levels to get high in the standings. In my own way, I want to support them and help them climb higher and achieve their dreams.

His position in the ranking today:

"I think I need less than a month to restart. I have a lot of tournaments ahead of me, so I have a lot of opportunities to play well and add points that way, a much better ranking will come than what I have now. I haven't been there (at #10) for a long time, but for me, it's all part of tennis. Sometimes, you can't be at your best, and that's perfectly normal. What I have to focus on now is finding strength and becoming a better tennis player.

About the two goals he sets this year:

"I want to finish 2024 in the top 4 tennis players and win an Olympic medal in Paris.

His message to the world:

Big hugs from me; I wish you would come to support me, and thank you for all the messages you send me on a daily basis!

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