Kasselakis visited Meteora with Tyler McBeth

Stefanos Kessalakis

The couple also had their dog, Farley, with them

The town of Kalabaka and Meteora was visited yesterday, Monday, by the president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, accompanied by his husband, Tyler Macbeth.

The visit was private, as local party officials had not been informed, and his schedule had no political activity.

Stefanos Kasselakis, together with his husband Tyler Macbeth and their dog Farley, went to the top and were photographed in Meteora.

The photo was uploaded to his Instagram account by Tyler Macbeth and republished by the president of SYRIZA.

Stefanos Kessalkis

Kasselakis announces first think tank with members 'drawn from society'

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis, in a post on social media on Tuesday, announced that the first of the party's think tanks whose members will be "drawn from among you, from society" has been set up and will concern education.

He explained that these think tanks will not be made up strictly of inner core of the party and that the Education Think Tank will have seven members.

"Society's best will be at my side to create a pioneering public education programme, because real education is that which the Mitsotakis' system does not want. Because real education offers society the means to resist propaganda, to ask, to learn and demand a better life," he added.

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