Greece's Same-Sex Marriage Bill Sparks Debate in Parliament


The Greek government's bill legalizing same-sex marriage and adoption rights faces both support and opposition as it undergoes parliamentary debate. While the potential reform marks a significant step towards equality, differing viewpoints highlight ongoing societal complexities.

Widespread Support, But Not Unanimous:

  • Ruling New Democracy party: Backs the bill, with most members expected to vote in favour. MP Maria Syrengela applauds it as a "reformist action" positioning Greece among the 37 countries recognizing same-sex marriage.
  • Main opposition SYRIZA party: Supports the bill but criticizes the ban on surrogacy for male couples, deeming it unconstitutional and potentially sparking legal challenges.
  • PASOK, another major party: Endorses the bill but accuses the government of exploiting the issue for political gain. MP Pavlos Christidis asserts that "equality in civil marriage" strengthens rather than harms families.

Public Opinion Divided:

  • Polls indicate societal division on same-sex marriage, with less support for legal recognition of children born to such couples.

Prime Minister's Stance:

  • Kyriakos Mitsotakis encouraged abstention for dissenting members of his party, a move opposed by former premier Antonis Samaras.

Moving Forward:

  • The bill's final fate remains uncertain, with various perspectives shaping the ongoing debate.
  • The outcome will carry significant implications for LGBTQ+ rights and societal inclusion in Greece.

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