Greek Prime Minister promotes postal voting option to global greek diaspora


In a virtual meeting with Greek ambassadors and representatives worldwide, Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized the importance of promoting the new postal voting option for the upcoming European Parliament elections. He called it a "significant democratic advancement" and urged embassies to assist Greek communities abroad in registering.

This meeting marks the third year of PM Mitsotakis' initiative to connect with Greek diplomatic missions and discuss foreign policy matters. Alongside Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis, they reviewed Greece's achievements in 2023, its international image, and the challenges posed by global conflicts. They highlighted Greece's rising diplomatic influence, its strong economic recovery, and its growing international recognition.

However, the main focus was on the upcoming European Parliament elections. "I want to emphasize a very significant democratic achievement for our homeland: postal voting," said PM Mitsotakis. He urged embassies to actively promote this option, especially among Greeks living abroad who may not be able to return to Greece to vote.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of simplifying the registration process and facilitating participation. "It is a great wager for us to attract as many of our fellow citizens as possible to the elections," he stated.

With the registration platform open for the next three months, embassies will play a crucial role in informing and assisting Greek communities abroad. This initiative aims to increase voter turnout and strengthen Greece's democratic participation in the European Union.

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