James Kafetzis: His post from Santo Domingo - "I already found my local and we are preparing the menu"

James Kafetzis

In Sunday's episode, the contestant enters the Celebrity team

James Kafetzis returns to the Dominican Republic for the new season of "Survivor".

The contestant, who was highly talked about by the TV audience during his participation in a previous survival reality show season, will enter the game again.

The Sunday, February 11 episode will show the appearance of James Kafetzis and Stavroula Chrysaeidis in the group of Celebrities.

On Wednesday afternoon, however, James Kafetzis revealed with a post on Twitter that he had already arrived in Santo Domingo.

He even left hints about the locals giving food to the contestants despite the rules of the game.

In particular, James wrote: "I already found my local, of course he has a Michelin star, see you because we are releasing the menu."

Check out his post:


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