Greek Skier Lost in Tragic Borovets Avalanche, Search Ongoing

Greek skier buried in Borovets avalanche.

A Greek skier remains missing after being buried in an avalanche at Bulgaria's Borovets ski resort on [Date], casting a shadow over the holiday season. Three other skiers from the same group were fortunate enough to escape the white peril unharmed.

Dramatic Afternoon:

The incident unfolded in the Markujik area sometime in the afternoon, triggering a frantic call to the Mountain Rescue Service from a witness at 2:13 PM. While three Greek skiers managed to dig themselves out of the snow, their companion vanished beneath the white mass.

Extensive Search Launched:

Hope remains alive as over 25 rescuers, aided by four trained dogs, scour the treacherous terrain in search of the missing skier. The avalanche, roughly 150 meters long and 30 meters wide, complicates their efforts.

Concerns & High Risk:

Bulgarian media suggests the group may have been skiing off-piste, raising concerns about their adherence to safety protocols. Authorities emphasize the high avalanche risk, prompting the closure of all slopes in Borovets.

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