Mitsotakis meets with protesting farmers: "We are here to find solutions" - Cheaper electricity announced

10 17

The government has a new initiative to support agriculture in Greece

"I want to emphasise from the outset that we are here to find solutions and that we are also having this meeting in a good mood," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday in his initial statement during the meeting with the representatives of the Panhellenic committee of farmers at blockades, at the Maximos Mansion.

The prime minister welcomed the representatives and emphasised that he intended to first listen to all of them and then present to them some proposals that the government has worked on.

"I want to emphasise from the outset that we are here to find solutions and that we are coming to this meeting in a good mood as I think we have shown all this time, and I believe that we can meet in a common place taking into account the justified concerns, but it will also take into account the fact that the country's fiscal margins are specific and limited," the prime minister said at his introductory remarks.

"And of course, if you also see things from our side, you will realise something that I believe you already know because you are part of the society: many sectors, many social groups always have requests and expectations from the government and every decision of the government must take into account the social justice," he added.

Mitsotakis announced cheaper electricity for all farmers for the next 2+8 years during the meeting.

According to Proto Thema, the climate of the meeting at the Maximos Palace was positive, even with the most hardened representatives of the farmers.

Regarding the measures proposed, the government points out that the initiative for cheaper electricity is an initiative of substance and responsibility, which ensures very low prices for rural electricity, estimated to shape the KW in the first two years under 10 minutes for farmers participating in cooperative schemes or are consistent and under 11 minutes for those who have overdue debts, settling their debts at the same time.

For the next eight years for ⅓ of consumption the estimated price will be uniform at 9 cents. This allows all farmers to do their planning over a decade.

This bold move by the government, which follows the measures already announced to reduce rural electricity, will be financed primarily by the Energy Transition Fund.

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