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Greek farmer sprays illegal migrants at the Greek border

Greek farmer waters the Greek border fence (VIDEO)

A Greek farmer decided to take the situation occurring at the Greek-Turkish border into his own hands, driving his tractor and spraying water onto the illegal migrants on the other side, to…

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Farmers to sow chaos with new road blocks across Greece

Unions representing Greek farmers announced protest road blocks for January following their meeting in Nikea, Larissa on Sunday. The union representatives said their decision was in response to the Ministry of Agriculture’s…

Protesting farmers remove blockade 3

Protesting farmers remove blockade

Protesting Greek farmers at the Nikea blockade have withdrawn their tractors on Saturday after blocking the tunnels of Tempi on the Athens-Thessaloniki motorway. Speaking to the media on behalf of the protestors,…

Czech Republic to stop using 'Greek yogurt' labelling 5

Czech Republic to stop using ‘Greek yogurt’ labelling

There has been an important victory for Greece’s dairy industry and farmers, as the Czech Republic has sent the European Commission a draft amendment to its national laws that will prevent Czech…

Cretan farmers clash with riot police in Athens 7

Cretan farmers clash with riot police in Athens

About 1,300 Cretan farmers arrived in Athens overnight, armed with shepherd’s crooks and stones and clashed with riot police outside the agriculture ministry, which was sealed off by police buses. Tempers reached boiling…

Farmers roadblock Greece over taxes 9

Farmers roadblock Greece over taxes

A familiar protest gesture has once again made its appearance across Greece with tractors blocking major roads and highways as of yesterday, in the latest protest by farmers who are demanding the…