Greek Prime Minister Stands Firm as Farmers Prepare for Athens Rally

farmers strike tractors

Greece's prime minister firmly rejected any further concessions to protesting farmers as they prepared for a rally in central Athens, with tractors set to converge on the capital's streets.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed optimism that Tuesday's demonstration would bring an end to weeks of unrest among Greek farmers, who, like their counterparts across Europe, are protesting against soaring production costs.

"We don't have any more concessions to offer," he stated in an interview with private Star television. "I believe farmers understand that."

Following a recent meeting with Mitsotakis, representatives of farmers' associations nationwide dismissed the government's proposed relief measures as inadequate.

In addition to driving their tractors to the rally outside parliament on Tuesday, farmers plan to block major roads, harbours, and border crossings.

Greek authorities cautioned on Monday that the farmers' rally in Athens would lead to significant traffic closures and disruptions to public transportation.

Despite occasional blockades of secondary roads in recent weeks, farmers have thus far avoided causing widespread transportation disruptions.

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