Frustrated Greek Farmers Threaten Tractors to Athens after Stalled Talks

Greek Farmers

Athens: Greek farmers are contemplating amplifying their protests after negotiations with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Athens reached a stalemate. The Tuesday meeting, aimed at resolving concerns over rising energy costs and other challenges, ultimately left farmers feeling dissatisfied.

Limited Options Spark Anger:

Public broadcaster ERT reported that government officials declared no further fiscal space for additional benefits, igniting frustration among farmers. While some proposed a de-escalation, a majority felt the meeting yielded insufficient results. Calls for a symbolic march to Athens with tractors emerged as a potential next step.

Larissa Meeting Holds the Key:

A definitive decision on the future of the protests will be made on Thursday in Larissa, a central Greek city. Representatives from various farmer blocs across the country will gather to strategize their next moves, potentially shaping the size and intensity of ongoing demonstrations.

Government Insists on Fairness:

ERT reported that government officials defended the Prime Minister's proposals as "substantial and fair," highlighting permanent measures to address energy costs. However, the lack of further concessions appears to have fallen short of farmers' expectations.

Uncertain Path Ahead:

With negotiations deadlocked, the farmers' meeting in Larissa holds the key to the protests' future direction. Whether they choose to de-escalate, intensify, or adapt new forms remains to be seen.


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