Revitalization Plans for Varosha Resort Stir Diplomatic Tensions Due to Potential Involvement of King Charles

Varosha occupied northern cyprus Famagusta

Plans to revitalize the abandoned seaside resort of Varosha in Cyprus could spark a significant diplomatic dispute. Exclusive reports reveal proposals to transform Varosha into "the Las Vegas of the Mediterranean," potentially involving King Charles and Britain in the controversy.

The enormous hotel complex was first opened in 1974 and was proudly declared "the world's first seven-star hotel".

It was so big that it even had a railway line inside to carry clients around from room to room.

But according to reports, the hotel was only open for a few months before it was left abandoned.

Tables, cabinets, dishes and crockery sets have all been eating mountains of dust for decades inside the glamourous walls.

But unlike other properties on the resort, the Golden Sands Hotel has been left untouched by looters and preserved - giving it the nickname of "the untouched hotel".

It is still closely monitored and patrolled by several guards and requires permission to enter the nearby grounds.

AN ABANDONED ghost town has been left to rot for decades despite it being home to a seven-star hotel believed to be owned by King Charles.
A map showing where Varosha, Famagusta, is located. 
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Although, the Royal Family has previously denied the King owns it.
The Military of Defence has also shut down rumours that it is protected by UK security forces.

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Varosha, once a glamorous playground frequented by celebrities but abandoned for 50 years, holds historical significance. In July 1974, conflict erupted in Varosha when the Turkish army intervened to protect Turkish Cypriots from perceived Greek attempts at ethnic cleansing on the island.

As Greek and Greek Cypriot forces retreated south, Varosha lay deserted and fell under Turkish control after the cessation of hostilities later that year. Despite being monitored by the United Nations since, as part of efforts to reconcile the two sides, Varosha remains within the jurisdiction of the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Now, breaking the decades-long stalemate, plans have surfaced to rejuvenate Varosha/Maras. However, these intentions are likely to face opposition from the United Nations and the government of the Republic of Cyprus, potentially posing challenges for King Charles.

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