Kostas Passaris: One of the most feared and dangerous criminals in Greece

Kostas passaris

Kostas Passaris, a notorious Greek criminal, gained infamy for his involvement in armed robberies and assaults.

He was convicted of murder in both Greece and Romania and escaped from Korydallos Prison in Athens.

Passaris was sentenced to four life sentences in absentia and was captured after a gun battle in Bucharest. His crimes and escape have made him a well-known figure in Greece.

Describing how Passaris planned his escape from prison in 2001, the prosecutor rejected claims by the convict’s lawyer that he regrets his actions and asked the court not to take into account any mitigating factors.

“It is proven that the accused operated coldly, soberly with particular cruelty to his victims, with a clear lack of moral inhibitions and contempt of human life,” he said in 2019.

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