Palestinian Foreign Minister al-Maliki in Greece to Discuss Two-State Solution with Israel


Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki will meet with Greece's Foreign Minister, Giorgos Gerapetritis, today at 12:00pm in Athens, after which their respective delegations will hold joint statements.

The meeting between Gerapetritis and al-Maliki comes amid ongoing global concerns about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Details of the agenda for their discussion have not been officially released, but it is expected to touch upon key issues such as regional security, the two-state solution, and ongoing humanitarian efforts.

Prior to the Palestinian Minister's arrival, Gerapetritis will deliver the opening address at the International Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine, organised by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the European Investment Bank.

Meanwhile, the conference aims to gather key stakeholders and discuss strategies for rebuilding war-torn areas following Russia's invasion. Minister Gerapetritis's opening address will likely highlight Greece's commitment to supporting Ukraine's reconstruction efforts.

Both events signify Greece's active role in engaging with international issues and fostering dialogue on diverse fronts.

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