First notification for same-sex marriage in Greece was published: "The suits and wedding rings are ready"

same-sex marriage

The wedding will take place in Nea Smyrni.

The first notification for the marriage of a same-sex couple in Greece was published on Friday morning, a few hours after the passing of the relevant bill with 176 positive votes in parliament.

According to the notification published in the newspaper Ta NEA, the ceremony for Stavros Gavriliadis and Dimitrios Elefsiniotis wedding will take place in Nea Smyrni.

It is worth noting that today's Bloomberg article, which focuses on the changes that the change in legislation will bring to the lives of same-sex couples, includes statements from these two people who have built a life together and are now able to get married.

In his statements to the agency, Stavros Gavriliadis points out that the new law solves many of his family's problems. After the wedding, she will officially adopt the twin children of her partner, Dimitrios.

“We'll finally be one family with two surnames. Our suits and wedding rings are already ready,” Gavriliadis said. “Maybe we'll be the first to get married."

The wedding announcement

Dimitrios Elefsiniotis of Spyridon and Anna, of the Vylliotis family, born in Salamina Attica and residing in Nea Smyrni Attica and Stavros Gavrielidis of Christos and Eugenia, of the Dross family, born in Athens Attica and residing in Nea Smyrni, will unite in a wedding that will take place in Nea Smyrni, Attica.

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