Gas discovered off Cyprus

gas jpeg

Drilling operations near Cyprus have confirmed the presence of a significant natural gas deposit, furthering hopes for the island's energy potential. The assessment, conducted by a joint venture between Eni Cyprus and TotalEnergies, successfully identified a gas column stretching over 115 meters within the Cronos reservoir, located 160 kilometers offshore.

This discovery, known as Cronos-2, not only confirms the initial Cronos-1 find but also indicates its extension with similar characteristics in carbonate formations. Adding to the positive news, a drill stem test revealed high-quality natural gas within the reservoir, with a potential production capacity exceeding 150 million standard cubic feet per day.

This latest development fuels optimism for Cyprus's ability to tap into its own energy resources, potentially contributing to regional energy security and offering economic benefits. While commercialization plans are yet to be finalized, the successful results of the Cronos-2 assessment mark a significant step forward for Cyprus's energy ambitions.

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