A perfect 1-day winter trip to Parnitha

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Parnitha, only one hour from the centre of Athens, remains the favourite choice of Athenians when they want to get a taste of nature.

The winter always provides an opportunity for a short but satisfying one-day trip to Attica's resilient but troubled green lung - Parnitha. Wear good shoes and a jacket and climb the highest mountain closest to the Greek capital.

A treasure of nature


Even though fires hit it occasionally, Parnitha remains one of Greece's most densely forested and vegetated mountains, Travel points out. At the lowest altitudes, the pine dominates but when you climb above 800 metres, the Cephalonian fir gradually prevails.

Also, you can find holly trees, arias, and cedars - while there is no lack of scrubland, mainly in the north of the mountain.

In total, about 1,000 species of plants and trees grow in Parnitha out of the 6,000 that grow in the country, as well as about 120 species of birds and 30 species of mammals, among them foxes, hares and of course the famous red deer of Parnitha.

Hiking in the mountain


The mountain is the closest and, at the same time, a worthwhile hiking option for the residents of Lekanopedi. The easiest, short route in Parnitha, ideal for families with small children, is the one that joins the two shelters, Bafi and Flambouri.

It is a beautiful route through the fir trees on a clear path with minimal elevation differences, for which you will not need more than 70-90 minutes. You don't even need to worry about water, as you will come across springs on the way.

The path starts from the Bafi shelter's plateau parking and goes from the wooden fence's opening to the east. There, you will see a small wooden sign that says "Προς χώρο δασικής αναψυχής" (To Forest Recreation Area).

Go through this opening, and you are now on the path to Flambouri. The path is marked with red markings on the tree trunks.


The enchanting path goes through the dense fir forest on a route without difficulties. After 400 metres, you will be at the junction with the dirt road that descends to the right towards Flambouri (there are signs).

Follow this dirt road to the east, and you will see a path at the end of the descent. From there begins the most beautiful part of the route that will bring you to the source of Koromilia and Flambouri.

The two shelters


The two shelters of Parnitha, Bafi and Flambouri, are the best mountain destinations and are only a short time from the city centre.

At 1,161 metres, the Bafi shelter awaits us, the first in the series that the visitor encounters when climbing the mountain. It offers warmth, accommodation and food.

The rooms and the kitchen are particularly well-kept, while the people in charge of the refuge organise activities for children and adults in nature. There is also an organised lending library area for information and relaxation.


At 1,158 metres and about 3 kilometres to the west, we find the Flambouri shelter, which overlooks Athens, Aegina, Poros, the lake of Marathon, the Euboean Gulf and Evia.

Flambouri has accommodation and a kitchen, organised environmental excursions and activities for adults and children. It is powered by photovoltaics and has an energy fireplace, ensuring it does not burden the environment.

Some food options

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From the shelters of Parnitha

It's winter, you'll be in the mountains, and it's almost certain that the fresh air will whet your appetite. The higher you go, the tastier everything seems, but the options in Parnitha are still excellent.

We start with the comfort options of the two shelters, where you will find classic mountain dishes such as bean salad and yuvarlakia.

If you want a more luxurious culinary experience, you will need to go downhill. For example, the following are suggested: in Agios Merkourios, in Varybompi (A' Fire Station, Tel: 2108169617), where you can try juicy ribs and an amazing Stavlisian steak.

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Άρης (Aris) and Άγιος Μερκούριος (Agios Merkourios) restaurants

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