Nebbiolo: All-day restaurant with Greek-Italian flavours


Shortly before the end of 2023, Yiannis Morakis and the wine gurus Christos Flokos and Angelos Antoniou set up Nebbiolo in Ekali, an all-day restaurant with Italian flavours

Connected to Brunello in Kolonaki and Barolo in Psychiko, Nebbiolo takes its name from Italy's famous red grape. Nebbiolo grape is a variety with character, finesse and specificity.

"It comes from Piemonte, which is in northern Italy, just as Ekali is in the north of Athens," Angelos Antoniou tells me.


Chef Theodoris Papanikolaou has designed the dining experience at Nebbiolo, while the head of the kitchen is Noel Angoli. Having just entered its second month of operation, the all-day restaurant continues to evolve its menu.

Focaccia, panini and toast sandwiches are served for breakfast. The lunch and dinner menu includes salads, raw, pasta and risotto, pizza, and meat and fish options.


Among the dishes on the menu are burrata with Parma prosciutto and pepper jam, smoked salmon with smoked mascarpone, dill and lemon, sea bass with sundried tomato, capers and tagiasce olives, cacio e peppe served with pecorino cheese, the fresh pappardelle with duck ragout and parmesan, the risotto zafferano with saffron, prawns, courgette and truffle, the veal tagliata served with roasted baby broccoli and marsala sauce and the variety of seafood – cooked in tomato sauce and baked in the wood-fired oven inside pizza dough. Tiramisu is currently the only dessert, but soon others will be added, designed by pastry chef Yiannis Kaldanis.


As expected, the curation of Nebbiolo's impressive wine list belongs to Christos Flokos and Angelos Antoniou.

In the restaurant's brand new cellar, more than five hundred labels make their appearance, mainly from the Italian but also from the international vineyard, without missing, of course, worthy choices from the Greek terroir. Particular emphasis is also placed on spirits and cocktails, the list of which has been designed by Yiannis Douzenis.

Photos by Anna Tasioula

info: 111 Theseos Avenue, Ekali, tel. 210 6228 888

Eleanna Gousi is a columnist for Olive Magazine.

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