Greek Special Parachute Unit Receives Upgraded Barracks


The Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) celebrated a significant milestone on Thursday with the inauguration of a new building for the Special Parachute Unit at the "Lieutenant General Andreas Kallinski" Military Camp in Nea Peramos, Attica.

The ceremony, led by GEETHA Chief General Dimitrios Choupis, marked the completion of a major project that saw the facilities completely reconstructed and transformed into modern barracks. This initiative is part of a broader effort to continuously upgrade infrastructure and ensure the well-being of Armed Forces personnel.

During the event, General Choupis addressed the attendees, highlighting the importance of the project in providing the Special Parachute Unit with the resources and facilities they need to excel. He also expressed gratitude to Lieutenant Colonel (in honor) Panagiotis Kyriakopoulos, President and CEO of Cambridge Finance Ltd., for his generous contribution to the renovation. Kyriakopoulos funded the project in memory of his father, Lieutenant Colonel Othon Kyriakopoulos.

The inauguration represents a significant step forward for the Special Parachute Unit, providing them with a modern and functional environment that will undoubtedly enhance their training and operational capabilities.

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