Shots fired during a robbery of a Russian party in Limassol

Cyprus police

The perpetrators broke into the party, and after tying up and threatening the guests, they left with money and jewellery worth €20,000

If it were a scene from a movie, it would be riveting. Some, however, experienced horror yesterday in the area of ​​Agios Georgios Alamanos outside Limassol. They were guests at a private party in a space that used to be a tavern.

About 30 people, mostly Russians, participated in the party. While they were having fun, four people wearing hoods and holding short-barreled rifles and pistols entered the venue.

At gunpoint, they forced partygoers to the floor and bound them with cables and ropes. To prevent any movement of resistance, they also fired shots into the air.

However, two tried to react, and the hooded men hit them with the butts of their weapons, injuring them slightly. Both were taken to the hospital without their health condition causing concern.

The robbers, who were well-educated and probably knew the party-goers, stole their watches, the jewellery they were wearing, mobile phones, cash and the keys to their expensive cars.

It is estimated that the total value of the stolen goods amounts to €20,000.

The police are looking for the perpetrators using cameras in the area.

The party was known to a close circle of people, mainly Russians, and the police believed that the perpetrators were known to the victims of the attack.

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