Thessaloniki: Cook at an ouzerie was stabbed by a customer

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The victim is being treated at Papageorgiou Hospital - The perpetrator is being sought.

A customer at an ouzerie in Thessaloniki stabbed a 65-year-old cook at the shop after an argument on Sunday. The cook is hospitalised with an abdominal wound at the "Papageorgiou" hospital.

According to Proto Thema, the incident occurred at around 5 pm on Sunday when, for an unknown reason, the customer of the ouzerie in the Menemeni neighbourhood got into an argument with the Albanian cook and then stuck a knife in his stomach and ran away.

The ambulance services were notified and the first responders who rushed to the scene informed the police about the perpetrator.

It is noted that at first, the circumstances under which the cook was injured were not clear, but later, it was established by the police that it was a criminal act.

After undergoing surgery, the victim is hospitalised at Papageorgiou Hospital.

The perpetrator, who has not been identified, is being sought by the police.

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