The perfect appetiser: Potatoes with marinated anchovies

boiled potatoes with marinated anchovies

A simple boiled potato salad turns into a delicious appetiser dish accompanied by a cream and marinated anchovies.

Materials for four servings:

600 gr. potatoes
thyme-oregano for serving
12 marinated anchovy fillets

For the country cream

150 gr. tomatoes
One small cucumber
½ red pepper
One fresh onion
½ clove of garlic
½ small dry onion
40 ml extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar
salt, freshly ground pepper

Step 1

Clean the potatoes and cut them into large squares (cubes). Put the potatoes in a pot of boiling water with a bit of salt and boil for about 15 minutes. Check if they need a little more boiling, but not to melt. Strain them.

Step 2

Country cream: Wash all the vegetables in the cream, cut them into thick
pieces, put them in the blender with the extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, and beat them very well to get a smooth cream.

Put the potatoes in a bowl, pour over the country cream, and mix carefully, adding salt and pepper if desired (optional).

Step 3

Serve the anchovy on top with thyme and oregano and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil.

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