EU to Introduce Digital ID For All Citizens


The European Parliament has voted in favor of a new EU-wide digital wallet, offering citizens a secure and voluntary tool for online identification, document storage, and access to public and private services.

This initiative aims to empower citizens by providing them with control, as users will have a dedicated “privacy dashboard” to manage their data, including the ability to request its deletion.

Cross-border access: The wallet will facilitate seamless access to online services across EU member states.

Enhanced security: Open-source software and stringent regulations for participating companies aim to guarantee data security and prevent fraud.

Free qualified e-signatures: Users can access the highest level of digital signatures, legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

The new law emphasises user choice, making the wallet entirely voluntary. Additionally, safeguards are in place to prevent discrimination against individuals who choose not to participate.

"This legislation empowers citizens by putting them in full control of the use and sharing of their data," stated Romana Jerković, the rapporteur for the legislation. "Digital identity is a key component of civic involvement, social empowerment, and inclusivity in the digital age."

This initiative aligns with recommendations from the Conference on the Future of Europe, which called for a secure and unified digital environment within the EU.

Following Parliament's approval, the regulation now needs formal endorsement by the EU Council of Ministers before becoming law. This development marks a significant step towards a more unified and user-centric digital experience for citizens across the European Union.

(Source: European Parliament News)


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