Evros: Turkish interference with Greek radio frequencies

Greek radio frequencies

The owners of the radio stations in the area are complaining.

There is a problem with Turkish interference with Greek radio frequencies in the Evros region.

In particular, the Turkish stations, along the entire length of the region, cover the Greek stations, with the result that the residents listen to broadcasts from the neighbouring country.

According to ERT, the anxiety of radio station owners in the region is at its peak, and no one can predict the evolution of the situation in the immediate future.

Radio frequencies are not bounded by national borders

As was emphasised on public television, the two transmitters installed in Alexandroupoli and Orestiada leave the intermediate space uncovered, which is "occupied" by the Turkish frequencies.

It should be noted that radio frequencies are not limited by national borders but by deterrence policies.

Meeting with Kyranaki

The owners of the radio stations, faced with the impasse they have reached, invited the Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, Konstantinos Kyranakis, to the region to present to him their requests for the protection of their frequencies.

The deputy minister responded to the call and rushed to the area, where he discussed the measures that could be taken with the local agencies and stakeholders.

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