Golden Dawn Threatens Minister Over His Support for Same-Sex Marriage


The ‘Golden Dawn’ Youth Front has threatened New Democracy MP Stratos Simopoulos over his vote in support of civil marriage for same-sex couples.

Outside his office in Thessaloniki today, the MP announced that he found a wall-mounted letter from the Golden Dawn Youth, which states that it supports any move by the Orthodox Church against his choice, and that it will do its utmost to remind the people of Mr Simopoulos's choice until he is removed from any public office.

Mr Simopoulos said, "The "ghosts" of the past are trying to return. The youth of the criminal organisation 'Golden Dawn' posted a letter on the front door of my office this morning, on the occasion of my positive vote on the bill on same-sex couples. They did so, in fact, today when the Permanent Holy Synod is meeting to determine the Church's position on this issue.

I take it for granted that the Church of Greece will express its opposition to this action and any other similar ones and will protect those MPs who voted in favour of the bill. As I take it for granted that the parties that stood against the bill will condemn it and, above all, will stop, with the extreme rhetoric of their executives, pouring water into the mill of these "ghosts".

As far as I'm concerned, I declare that I have always been a politician based on my belief in what is right or wrong. Finally, faith is not a status. Faith is part of the identity of the believer and is not removed, negated or nullified by outside interference. Faith is about the believer's relationship with his or her conscience. Everything else is a power play. Who's in charge. But these authoritarian attitudes have nothing to do with the Christian, Orthodox faith."

(Source: Amna)

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