The Meander, a characteristic symbol of Greek culture

Meander Greek keys

The Meander is a characteristic symbol of Greek culture used in vessels, temples, monuments, sculptures, jewellery, armour, frescoes, pottery, architecture, mosaic floors, marble friezes, and textiles throughout the Greek world.

For the people of Ancient Greece, Meander (or Meandros) was thought to symbolise eternity or the eternal flow of things. A repeating geometric motif, the symbolism of infinity and unity.

Meander Greek keys

The word “meander” is derived from the ­250 mile long-snaking Maeander, known today as the Menderes; Homer mentions the river in “The Iliad.”

Finally, through the Roman Empire and then Byzantium, they survived the test of time and reached our days. Thousands of years old and still in style.

The Greek key symbol of eternal love.

Meander Greek keys

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