New EU Entry System Exempts Certain UK Travelers

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While Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and several other European countries will implement new rules and restrictions for UK holidaymakers, some UK tourists will be exempt altogether. The European Union confirmed the new Entry/Exit System (EES) will officially roll out on October 6, 2024, following delays.

Automated Entry Registration

The EES is an automated IT system designed to register travellers from non-EU countries entering the European Union. It collects a person's name, travel document details, biometric information, and the date and place of entry and exit. The EU assures that the system operates with full respect for fundamental rights and data protection.

Who is Exempt?

The new EES won't apply to all non-EU nationals. Here are some exemptions:

  • EU Family Members: Non-EU nationals with a residence card who are immediate family members of an EU citizen.
  • Residence Permit Holders: Non-EU nationals holding a residence card or permit allowing them to travel freely within the EU, similar to EU citizens.
  • Specific Travel Purposes: Individuals travelling to Europe for specific reasons, such as intra-corporate transfers, studies, training, voluntary service, pupil exchange programs, educational projects, or au-pairing.

This rollout signifies a significant change for UK travellers visiting the EU. Understanding these exemptions can ensure a smooth entry process for those who qualify.

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