Rediscovering Cyprus' Lost Archaeological Treasures

Cyprus Paphos Tombs

Researchers from the University of Leicester, led by Matt Beamish, have rediscovered and resurveyed dozens of archaeological sites on the southern coast of Cyprus. These sites, dating from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine period, were originally recorded in the 1960s before the construction of a British military base.

Using archival data and advanced technologies like GPS, the team meticulously revisited each site, documenting their current condition with photographs and standardized forms. Of the 60 sites originally recorded, they were able to successfully relocate 51, including:

  • Five historic buildings
  • Rock-cut tombs
  • Three ancient quarries for loading stone onto ships

Beamish attributes the team's success in rediscovering the sites to meticulous research and the availability of modern satellite technologies. He notes that many of the sites had previously been overlooked due to insufficient record-keeping and the absence of these tools.

The team's findings underscore the importance of careful archaeological documentation and preservation efforts. Beamish's work showcases the potential for rediscovering and reassessing previously lost or obscured archaeological resources.

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