Greek Community in Queensland Celebrates National Independence Day

The Evzones Collection, Greek City Times

The Honorary Consulate-of Greece in Brisbane is hosting a special event to mark the 203rd anniversary of Greece's National Independence Day.

This Open Consular Reception will be the first since the position was previously vacant and the first hosted by the newly appointed Honorary Consul, George Mastrocostas.

Since his appointment, Mastrocostas, a prominent figure in Queensland's development and construction industry, has been actively fostering diplomatic relations and supporting the Greek community. He aims to strengthen ties between Greece and Queensland, promoting trade, culture, and education collaboration.

The reception is open to the public, offering an opportunity to interact with consulate representatives, learn about Greek culture, and celebrate with fellow community members.

“I am privileged to serve as the Honorary Consul of Greece in Queensland and facilitate such gatherings that invite the community to come together and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and enduring spirit of Greece,” said Mr Mastrocostas.

“This event symbolises the strength of international ties and the importance of diplomacy in our ever-changing world,” said Mr Mastrocostas.

A special highlight will be "The Evzones Collection" by photographer Nick Bourdaniotis. This exhibition showcases the Evzones, the elite unit of the Greek Presidential Guard, serving as a tribute to their dedication and the values they represent. The collection has garnered international acclaim and serves as a reminder to preserve Greek cultural heritage for future generations.

This highly anticipated event marks a fresh start for the Honorary Consulate under Mastrocostas' leadership. In addition to his consular role, he serves on the board of The Hellenic Initiative Australia and leads Aniko Group, a major Gold Coast developer.

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