Gemma Collins Reveals: Mykonos Getaways Cost a Staggering £100,000

Mykonos is pure magic, but you need big pockets to go there — £100,000 should cover all your meals, activities and accommodation for a week."

Gemma Collins has revealed the extravagant costs associated with her high-end holiday ventures, with a particular spotlight on her luxurious Mykonos escapades.

Confessing to the hefty price tag attached to her leisurely getaways, the former The Only Way Is Essex luminary revealed that her jaunts to the Greek island often tally up to a jaw-dropping £100,000 per week.

Speaking candidly about her penchant for opulence, Gemma shared insights into her Mykonos experiences, emphasizing the island's magnetic allure while underscoring the financial commitment required to indulge in its splendour. "Mykonos is pure magic, but you need deep pockets to immerse yourself there truly — £100,000 should comfortably cover all your expenses, from sumptuous meals to exhilarating activities and luxurious accommodations for a week," she divulged.

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The TV star spent £100,000 in Mykonos ( Image: Instagram)

Recounting her own foray into Mykonos luxury, Gemma recalled her stay at the prestigious Cavo Tagoo hotel, a seven-night sojourn that commanded a staggering £21,000. Emphasizing the transformative power of a lavish hotel experience, she reiterated her belief that such accommodations are essential for fully savouring the Mykonos charm.

Despite the extravagant costs, Gemma's love affair with Mykonos remains undiminished, showcasing her willingness to spare no expense in pursuit of unforgettable moments amidst the island's breathtaking vistas and vibrant atmosphere.

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