Greek Diplomats Denounce Erdogan's Remarks on Cyprus Invasion

Cyprus Cypriot flag

ATHENS, Greece - Greek diplomatic sources on Tuesday vehemently condemned recent comments by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the 1974 invasion of Cyprus. They denounced his statements as a blatant distortion of historical facts and a disrespectful affront to the memory of the victims.

Erdogan, while addressing the staff of the 4th Army Corps in Ankara, emphasized the importance of military strength. He reportedly stated that "if they had advanced further south, Cyprus would have fallen entirely under their control," referring to the Turkish military operation in 1974.

These remarks come at a particularly sensitive time, as efforts are underway under the auspices of the United Nations to relaunch talks for a solution to the Cyprus problem. The Greek sources emphasized their concern that Erdogan's comments could further hinder the peace process.

The 1974 invasion of Cyprus by Turkey remains a major source of tension between the two countries. Greece maintains the invasion was illegal, while Turkey argues it was necessary to protect the Turkish Cypriot population. The island remains divided, with a northern portion controlled by Turkish Cypriots and a southern portion governed by the Republic of Cyprus, an internationally recognized state.

This latest controversy highlights the ongoing challenges in achieving a peaceful resolution to the Cyprus conflict.

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