Greek Education Minister Announces Crackdown on Bullying


Greek Education Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis announced a multi-pronged approach to tackle bullying in schools, including the return of 5-day suspensions for offenders.

Speaking on 'Society Hour Mega', Pierrakakis acknowledged the rise of bullying in Greece and across the Western world.

The key changes he announced include a platform will be established for students and parents (from secondary school upwards) to anonymously report bullying incidents within the school unit, and the previously abolished 5-day suspension for bullying will be reinstated.

Pierrakakis emphasised that the platform is just one part of a broader strategy. This includes a national anti-bullying campaign and a shift in how schools handle perpetrators. While serious incidents will involve external committees, the goal is to keep initial management within the school.


The Minister also addressed teacher appointments, stating the government's goal of making substitutes permanent. He highlighted recent progress in permanent appointments and the focus on special education positions.

Students can expect significant changes to the school experience starting in September, including new approaches to various subjects and the launch of digital remedial teaching programs within weeks.

Regarding the Aristotle University incident, Pierrakakis clarified it occurred months ago and involved a non-operational researcher. He emphasised the site's security measures and stressed that the "era of lawlessness" in universities is over.

Pierrakakis discussed the establishment of foreign university branches in Greece. He revealed interest from universities in Europe and America, particularly from Greek academics abroad (60% of Greek academics work outside Greece). The goal is to establish joint postgraduate programs and branches of major foreign universities, with regional incentives to encourage broader distribution beyond Athens.

(Source: To Vima)

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