Theo James Opens Up about the Terrifying Prospect of Playing James Bond

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The prospect of playing James Bond is a source of terror for Theo James, who believes there are more suitable candidates for the iconic role. He expressed his reservations, stating that assuming such a significant part would come with immense pressure. In an interview with The Guardian, James revealed, "You have got to be willing to live a very different life and have a different life for your family. And that would be pretty tricky."

Acknowledging his Greek heritage, the 39-year-old actor humorously added that his friends would tease him with the nickname "Bondopoulos – the Greek Bond."

Despite the flattering speculation surrounding his potential involvement, James prefers to pursue roles as historical figures. He expressed his interest in portraying King Henry III rather than assuming the mantle of 007. He also admitted that he is not entirely comfortable with fame and does not envision a future where he solely remains an actor.

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