Jeff Goldblum as Zeus in Modern Greek Mythology Series

jeff goldblum is set to play zeus in netflixs greek mythology dark comedy series kaos 593521071

Imagine this: Jeff Goldblum as a Greek god. It's a concept that hits you like a lightning bolt, right? Well, Netflix certainly thought so, too.

The streaming giant has a new drama, KAOS, in the works, offering a modern twist on Greek mythology with none other than Jeff Goldblum, known for his iconic role as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, cast as Zeus, the King Of The Gods.

Goldblum's Zeus isn't your typical god in this upcoming series created by Charlie Covell, writer of The End Of The F***ing World. Sporting striped tracksuits and open-collar shirts while lounging in a mansion that even a human gangster would envy, Goldblum's portrayal adds a unique flair to the character. From his distinct Goldblum voice uttering "mortals" to his quirky mannerisms, it's evident that there's immense potential in this intriguing premise.

The show follows Zeus as he grapples with his waning influence and a world spiralling into chaos. Paranoia sets in as Zeus interprets a wrinkle on his forehead as a sign of his impending downfall, leading him to self-destruct dangerously. Meanwhile, his old friend turned prisoner, Prometheus, is hatching a plan to dethrone him, involving three unsuspecting humans who hold the key to saving the world.

With a darkly comic tone and a stellar ensemble cast including David Thewlis, Janet McTeer, Cliff Curtis, Billie Piper, and Eddie Izzard, KAOS promises to be a wild ride through Greek mythology like never before. While there's no official release date yet, fans can expect KAOS to hit Netflix screens later in 2024, sparking anticipation and theories aplenty. Get ready for the chaos to unfold.

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  1. What is it with all the non Hellenic film makers, mostly Hollywood, that they never ever cast a Hellene as a Hellenic figure? Is it racism? Ignorance? Stupidity?

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