Over 70,000 Asylum Applications to EU; Greece Among Those with Highest Numbers


Despite a slight decline across Europe, Greece continues to be a prominent destination for asylum seekers, according to Eurostat's latest figures.

The data, released today, reveals that Greece received 6,260 first-time asylum applications in December 2023. This represents a continued significance for the country in providing international protection, though it's a 3% decrease compared to December 2022.

Greece's role within the EU is further highlighted by the fact that, along with Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, it collectively received 79% of all initial asylum applications in the bloc.

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The impact of asylum seekers is particularly notable in Greece when considering population size. With 60.2 first-time applicants per hundred thousand people, Greece – alongside Cyprus (111.2 applicants) – ranks among the highest rates in the EU.

Furthermore, Greece plays a crucial role in sheltering vulnerable populations. It was among the top destinations for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in December 2023, receiving 245 applications. This adds to the 775 Syrian and 375 Afghan minors who sought asylum across the EU for the first time during that month.

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While the overall trend in the EU points towards a decrease in asylum applications, Greece's position underscores the ongoing challenges it faces. The country shoulders significant responsibilities in managing migration flows and ensuring the protection of asylum seekers, especially the most vulnerable.

(Source: Eurostat)

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