Chechen fighters loyal to Putin allegedly helped capture the ISIS terrorists


Chechen fighters loyal to Putin allegedly helped capture ISIS terrorists as they were travelling to Ukraine according to local reports.

Graphic videos circulating online showed the arrest of the three men suspected. of carrying out the horrific mass shooting at a Moscow concert that left at least 133 people dead. The footage depicts the suspects being detained by soldiers, some reportedly barefoot and with injuries.

Under apparent interrogation, one suspect reportedly confessed to being influenced by an extremist preacher on the messaging app Telegram. He claimed to have been promised a significant sum of money to carry out the attack. A second suspect also admitted to receiving payment for the shooting.

The arrests reportedly took place in the Bryansk region near the Ukrainian border. While local reports initially indicated Chechen involvement, official statements have not confirmed this detail.

The attack has cast a shadow over the city and the investigation is ongoing. The authenticity of the confession videos cannot be independently verified.

“I was listening to a preacher’s teaching on Telegram” the suspect answers in response to a soldier’s interrogation.

“His assistant wrote to me telling me to kill people,” he continues.

“I don’t know (his name). No first name, no last name, no nothing. They only wrote to me about a month ago.

“He wrote that he promised me about one million roubles.”

The suspect was reportedly filmed while being held in the Bryansk region in western Russia and told authorities his name was Fariduni Shamsidin.

The man allegedly goes on to say he was told to walk into the venue and kill anyone after he had flown from Turkey on March 4 and received instructions from unknown people via Telegram to carry out the attack in exchange for $16,612 (₽1,000,000).

Another suspect allegedly said he had been promised $8328 (₽500,000) and had received $4164 (₽250,000) in an advance payment.

According to the Russian government, the four suspected gunmen arrested are not Russian citizens.

“They are all foreign nationals,” the interior ministry said in a statement.




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