Europe on High Alert Following Moscow Terrorist Attack

French terror

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attack in Moscow where 137 people were killed, European nations are ramping up security measures amid fears of potential further strikes. France and Italy, among others, are intensifying efforts to safeguard against threats, particularly as concerns loom over the upcoming Olympics.

France, under the leadership of President Emmanuel Macron, has elevated its security plan to the highest level following a Security Council meeting held Sunday night. Heightened police presence is being deployed to critical locations and public spaces, with particular emphasis on Olympic-related sites.

President Macron emphasised the persistent threat posed by offshoots of the Islamic State, specifically mentioning the group linked to the Moscow attack, known as the Islamic State from the Khorasan region. He highlighted recent attempts by this faction to carry out terrorist acts within France, prompting the decision to raise the alert level based on credible intelligence.

In addition to bolstering domestic security measures, Macron announced plans for enhanced cooperation with Russian and regional security services to combat terrorism effectively. French intelligence agencies possess valuable information that could assist counterparts in preventing future attacks.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Piardesi convened a meeting of the National Commission for Public Order and Security to analyse the implications of the Moscow attack and update existing anti-terror measures. The Italian Ministry stressed the importance of ongoing surveillance, both online and offline, to identify and mitigate potential threats on national soil.

Notably, Italy has taken proactive measures, including the expulsion of individuals deemed security risks and the implementation of preventive actions. With Easter celebrations approaching, authorities have ordered heightened surveillance and control operations, particularly targeting densely populated areas and sensitive locations, to preempt any security breaches.

(Source: To Vima)

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