Kashmiri activist exposes ‘malicious propaganda’, shows mirror to Pakistan

Pakistani flags

Tasleema Akhtar, a Kashmiri female activist who recently attended the 55th session of the United Nations, busted the “malicious propaganda” on Kashmir and showed the mirror to Pakistan by highlighting the state-sponsored terrorism there.

“In the UN, we demanded justice for our innocent people who fell victim to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. We also discussed the ongoing developments in Jammu and Kashmir, which are being observed by the entire world,” said Tasleema in an exclusive interview with ANI.

Rejecting “baseless” and “false” narratives about Kashmir, Tasleema exposed Pakistani agents who often masquerade as Kashmiri residents at the United Nations.

“Some people living in foreign countries like the UK, France, and Italy have their own agenda. They lack proper knowledge and understanding of Kashmir. If they have acquired citizenship in foreign countries, how can they speak about Kashmir?” she said.

The activist also lauded the abrogation of Article 370 and the transformation witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir since August 2019.

“After the abrogation of Article 370, Pakistan-sponsored stone-pelting has stopped. We have seen an end to riots and violence orchestrated by Pakistan-backed organizations,” said Tasleema.

Comparing the situations in Jammu and Kashmir and areas occupied by Pakistan, Tasleema highlights significant disparities.

“There is a stark difference. While we witness the construction of highways, roads, and stations on our side, in PoK, people are forced to build roads with their own donations,” she added.

Discussing the new era of peace and development, Tasleema commended initiatives to promote tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Kashmir has become a hub for tourism, attracting visitors from around the world. Kashmiri women are excelling as IAS and IPS officers, reflecting a positive change in youth mindset,” the social and human rights activist further said.

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