School Attack in Athens Leaves Student and Principal Injured

school attack

A shocking incident unfolded at a high school in the Kypseli district of Athens, as a 17-year-old student and the 60-year-old principal found themselves hospitalised following a violent attack by a young assailant.

The assailant, a 19-year-old wielding two knives and a hammer, stormed into the school grounds and launched a brutal assault on the student, striking him in the head with the hammer. When the principal intervened to halt the attack, he too became a target, suffering stab wounds from the assailant.

Both victims were swiftly transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital, where they received treatment for injuries to the head, torso, and abdomen. Fortunately, reports from the hospital management indicate that their injuries are not life-threatening, and their health condition remains stable.

The attacker, apprehended by authorities, revealed to police that his motive stemmed from a previous altercation between the student victim and his younger brother. Seeking retribution on his brother's behalf, the assailant carried out the attack within the school premises.

Alarming reports from other students within the school suggested that incidents of fights, bullying, and robberies were described as commonplace, with recent conflicts involving the 17-year-old victim and the assailant's brother.

In response to the disturbing events, the Education Ministry has initiated an inquiry, aiming to not only address the specific attack but also to investigate broader issues of bullying and violent behaviour within the school community.



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