Creation of Monument for Victims of Fatal Train Accident in Tempi Approved by Athens Municipal Council

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The Municipal Council of the Municipality of Athens unanimously approved the creation of a monument for the victims of the fatal train accident in Tempi, following the proposal of Mayor Haris Doukas.

In his statement, Mayor Haris Doukas said, "On February 28, 2023, the greatest railway tragedy in the annals of Greek history occurred in Tempi. Fifty-seven of our fellow citizens were lost, most of them young children, and another 85 were injured. From the first moment, the relatives and friends of the passengers have been fighting an absolutely unequal battle against the loss, while strongly and persistently demanding the truth to be revealed, justice, and the vindication of their loved ones.

From the moment the sad news spread, the entire country mourned silently, identifying with those affected by the unimaginable suffering, mistakes, omissions, and flaws of an inadequate state apparatus.

More than a year after the tragedy, the Municipality of Athens, out of respect for the victims and their relatives, wishes to honor their memory and unite with all those who seek justice and a safe and fair state.

Therefore, we pledge to create a monument that will honor the memory of our fellow human beings and advocate for the pursuit of truth, justice, and security. The location and type of monument will be decided in collaboration with the competent services of the Municipality, in consultation with the Association of the relatives of the victims, with whom we have already held a meeting.

We hope that this initiative of ours will serve as a symbolic gesture of support for the personal and collective pain caused by the accident, as well as demonstrate the presence of the Municipality of Athens in the endeavor for truth, justice, and safety."


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