Memorial Service Held for Vasilis Karras in Halkidiki

In Halkidiki today, the memorial service for Vasilis Karras

A memorial service was held for Vasilis Karras on Sunday, March 31st, at the Holy Church of Agios Dimitrios in Geroplatanos, Halkidiki.

Following the Divine Liturgy, the Symphony Orchestra of New Greece (SONE) and the Parish of Agios Dimitrios Geroplatanos Halkidiki held a sacred memorial service in Vasilis Karras' memory at the Church of Agios Dimitrios Geroplatanos Halkidiki nearly three and a half months after his passing.

The family of the deceased announced that a concert dedicated to his memory will be held after the one-year anniversary of his death. It is estimated to take place in Thessaloniki sometime during the summer of 2025.

The family of the late artist, who passed away on December 24, 2023, at the age of 70, was present at the memorial service.

The news of Vasilis Karras' death last December, after facing serious health problems in recent years, spread sadness throughout Greece.

Vasilis Karras, a man of the people with a characteristic voice, made folk songs beloved all over Greece. He spent decades accompanying the evenings of Greeks.

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