Hezbollah Issues Warning to Israel


In response to Israel's recent raid on an Iranian embassy annex in Damascus, Hezbollah, the Lebanese pro-Iranian faction, has issued a stern warning. The raid resulted in the deaths of several Revolutionary Guards officers, including a Lebanese national among the casualties.

Hezbollah, in a statement issued today, declared that Israel would face consequences for its actions. "This crime will not pass without punishing the enemy," the statement read, indicating the group's intent to seek retribution for the strike.

Tensions have escalated in the region following the incident, with Hezbollah's warning underscoring the volatile nature of the situation. The group's vow of retaliation adds a new layer of complexity to the already strained relations between Israel and Iran, with Syria serving as a battleground for their proxy conflicts.

As the situation continues to develop, the international community remains watchful of any further escalation in the region.

(Source: Amna)

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