Santorini's Sun-Kissed Vinsanto Crowned World's Best Alcoholic Beverage

Vinsanto PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) SANTORINI, GREECE 4.7

Wine lovers rejoice! A Greek sun-kissed treasure has been crowned the world's best alcoholic beverage according to Taste Atlas' recently released Top 100 list. Vinsanto, a delectable dessert wine hailing from the volcanic island of Santorini, takes the coveted number-one spot.

Santorini's volcanic soil and unique climate play a crucial role in shaping Vinsanto's character. The sun-drying process intensifies the grapes' natural sugars, concentrating the flavours and contributing to the wine's distinctive sweetness.

This wine has to be oak-aged for a minimum of two years, but most producers opt for longer maturation. The result is a sweet and dense wine packed with flavour and rich in aromas. Although both grape varieties are white-skinned, Vinsanto will attain a luscious golden colour that tends to turn into darker amber hues as the wine ages.

Based on the information provided, the Top 10 Alcoholic Beverages on Taste Atlas with a rating of 4.5 and above are:

  1. Vinsanto (Wine Appellation): Santorini, Greece (4.7 rating)
  2. Châteauneuf-du-Pape (Wine Appellation): Vaucluse, France (4.6 rating)
  3. Amarone della Valpolicella (Wine Appellation): Province of Verona, Italy (4.6 rating)
  4. Alsace Riesling (Wine Variety): Alsace, France (4.6 rating)
  5. Póltorak Staropolski Tradycyjny (Alcoholic Beverage): Poland (4.6 rating) (suitable for ages 18+)
  6. Primitivo (Wine Variety): Apulia, Italy (4.5 rating)
  7. Barolo (Wine Appellation): Province of Cuneo, Italy (4.5 rating)
  8. Tawny Port (Fortified Wine): Vila Real District, Portugal (4.5 rating)
  9. Vintage Port (Fortified Wine): Vila Real District, Portugal (4.5 rating)
  10. Saperavi (Wine Variety): Kakheti, Georgia (4.5 rating)

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